How do I assign mutlipe units at once?

When I assign one unit, it is fine. If want to open an additional unit, the first unit is closed out. I would like to open multiple units.

Although only one course or unit can be assigned at a time, as per this article on, students can access any unit by navigating to directly, so you could create links to the units you want them to access if you want. I use Canvas with my students and link them to the activities I want them working on.


To follow up what was already mentioned here:

While only 1 course can be assigned to a section, the course that is assigned to a section is just the first one that students will see when they log in. Students can continue to access any other CSD or CSP course at any time by first typing in the URL, such as: for CSD Unit 1 for CSD Unit 2

Once students visit these units (regardless of whether its assigned) and complete just one level within the unit, that unit will “stick” to their homepage ( for them to easily access at any time, as long as that unit is not marked as hidden by their teacher. You can read more about hiding/showing of lessons (separate from assigning of lessons) at When you change the assigned unit, such as assigning Unit 3, students can still access Unit 1 if they follow these described steps above.

You as the teacher can change the course you’re viewing progress in in your ‘view progress’ tab by changing the dropdown list on the left side to any other course, to see how your students are doing in courses other than the one assigned. Changing the course assigned will just change what students see first when they log into your section. Hope this helps!


Even following the above steps my students still see a message saying “Your teacher didn’t expect you to be here. Please ask your teacher which lesson you should be on.”

I want to have the Explore and Create task Units available to students but also have Unit 5 available to them. Is this possible?

It is possible to have multiple unit available to students. If students are having problems accessing the units, it is possible that the unit is assigned and visible but that individual lessons have been hidden. In the image below, Unit 5 has been assigned and made visible but lesson 2 is hidden.

I recommend checking the visibility of the units and the visibility of individual lessons in each unit by going to for the unit level. Lesson visibility can be checked by using the ‘go to unit’ button on the unit’s tile.

Hope this helps!