How do I assign projects to students?

I am unsure how to assign projects to students


Which course are you using? Here’s a “Getting Started Guide” with more information on how to get started. Step 4 is information on assigning lessons to students.

Good luck! Let us know if we can help further!


I came here looking for that answer too. There does not seem to be a way to assign a project to students (not a course, as the previous reply answered). My students are using the Pre-Reader course, so none of the project areas are suitable for them except the Pre-Reader Playlab and the Pre-reader Artist. Those are difficult to navigate to, and I was hoping a teacher could just assign it to students.

I’m not super familiar with the pre-reader course, but I was able to assign it to a class and then once assigned, I was able to go in and hide any of the different stages of the course (see screenshot below). Is this what you are looking for?


One more followup. You can also assign just “play lab” or just “artist”. You can only assign one at a time, but you could assign one and then when completed assign the other.

Hope this helps.