Class assignment

This is my 1st time using this community please help me understand how to set this up

Is there a specific course or age group you will be teaching? If you give us a few more details on what you are wanting to do, we can help you out!


Here’s an article that may be of assistance to you, but we are happy to answer any questions you have.


I finally figured my way on how to create the google classroom. Now I would like to unlock assessments how is that done so I can see what each student will be given.

Yes I am currently doing 6th ,7th ,8th I just want to make sure once they complete the assignment and project in class that they will have an assessment.

I am currently using computer discoveries

I am not sure I fully understand what you are asking. Were you able to assign the class and enroll your students?

Have they started working on assignments?

If you are asking about assessments, there are multiple ways that material is assessed in the course. Some assessments are mini quizzes, projects, etc.

There are also end of unit assessments in several of the units. All of this information can be found in the assessment guide here:

Does this help?


So how am I able to see what assessment I would like to give , everything you are saying is very helpful

Ok. That’s good!

I guess it just depends on what you were hoping to assign as far as assessments. In my class, I use the projects as assessments. There are rubrics that you can use to grade them with. And, there are assessments you can give at the end of the units (1, 2 & 3), but there are not “multiple choice tests” for each activity.

Also, here in the forum, there are multiple assessments that have been created by teachers that you can find. You need to have a verified teacher account to access this part of the forum. If your account is not verified as a teacher, you can request that at the link below:

Assessments section of the Forum
Request verified teacher account


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Okay thanks I will request as of tonight. Also when the students sign up should they use school email on to get in side the classroom.

Also how do I assign the survey

Here’s information on unlocking the survey.


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That’s what I do. Our school has given all students gmail addresses and I have them click on the red “Sign in With Google” button to get in. It seems to work best for my students.


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