Can I Assign a Non-CS D Project to my CS D Course?



I’m teaching the CS Discoveries course and it’s been great! I’ve really wanted to extend my class activities a little more for the Game Lab unit, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to create a non-curriculum related assignment for my class?

My work around was to have students just create a new project in Game Lab, but getting all the links is not as streamlined as it would be if I could just “add” it to the class course! I’d also love to see their progress rather than just their published project. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


Any standalone projects that your students create will show up in the “Projects” tab of your teacher dashboard. It’s not quite as streamlined as adding it directly to the course, but if you ask students to name their projects consistently it’s pretty easy to see their work without the need to collect links.


That is perfect! Thank you!