How do I remove old courses from my Teacher Dashboard page

Hey, everyone!

I have dabbled with codedotorg with my classes for a number of years and so I have a bunch of “old” courses on my teacher dashboard that just are not relevant to me anymore. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to organize them, minimize them, archive them or remove them!

My guess is that because I have old sections that are archived with students in those courses, the courses are on my dashboard, so the answer is to delete the old sections. However, the codedotorg support page strongly recommends not deleting old sections.

I have tried editing each archived section and removing the course from each one. It has no effect.

  1. Am I missing something and there is a way to remove the courses from my dashboard?

  2. If I need to delete the old sections, is that as serious as codedotorg is making it sound? All the accounts were made as classroom accounts to me as a single teacher - my district has never used SSO to link to - and I have no reason to believe that any of those students are still active in, most definitely not via my account.

Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated!!

To archive old sections, click on the gear symbol to the right for the section, and then choose archive section , as shown below:

You can then click on the option to view the archives sections, below the current classes you have, if you wish to look back at old student work:

I hope this helps!

Hey, Lindsay,

Thanks for the prompt reply! My question isn’t about my old sections, it’s about the courses themselves. The archiving process for the sections is great, but I want to be able to do that for the old courses, and I can’t find a setting anywhere on the courses.

The courses in the blue box in my screenshot are old and distracting. I’d love to get rid of them!

Hi Stephen,
I see what you mean- I clicked around and I am not able to delete those old courses I have listed as tiles at the bottom- or it is not obvious how to do so!
I will reach out and see if there is a way to do this.


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I don’t think it is possible to remove the courses. I still see all of mine with no option of deleting. The only good thing is that more recent courses show up at the top. You may want to write to with a feature request.


That’s a good idea, thank you