Deleting old classes created through Google Classroom

I create my classes by syncing through Google Classroom. When the class is over, I would like to delete the class. I am only given an option to archive the class. The Google Classroom that the class was created through has been deleted, so I tried to re-sync the class with Google classroom with hopes that it would delete it, but it hasn’t. Thoughts?

Did you try what is suggested in this thread.

Yes I did. But once I have deleted a class in Google Classroom, I can no longer delete the section. I can archive the class, but not delete it.

If I remove students from the Google Classroom, resync in, then the students disappear from the class and I can delete that section. However, I am looking for a way to completely delete my old classes in that I have already deleted in Google Classroom for and set up by syncing through Google Classroom.

Hello @jenwinters - can you reach out to with your question? Our team will be happy to look into your situation and see what we can do to help you sort this out.

~ Hannah

Thank you. I have just emailed them with the details.