How do students see my feedback


Hi all,
Up until this lesson, I’ve been grading and providing coding feedback outside of This time I tried the “Teacher Feedback” section on Bubble 23. I put in a bunch of feedback. How do students see my feedback? I looked at a student’s computer and the “student view.” The feedback wasn’t obvious in either place.

Joe Afflerbach
Hampton HS in PA


Hi @afflerbach, Once you return the feedback to students, they will see a “feedback tab” at the top of the lesson they are in (they can look at the “directions” or the “feedback” in that stage). If they click on “feedback” they will see your feedback. If they never submitted it (or you did not return it), then they will not see that tab.

Let me know if that helps. I cannot take a screenshot of it myself since I don’t have the student account.