Giving Feedback in Check Your Understanding

I am unable to give feedback in the check your understanding. I followed the instructions that were given in the following link:

However, the “feedback” tab is not available. I am currently on U1L4 and there is no option for feedback in the Check Your Understanding.

Any advice for giving students feedback in the check your understanding?


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Hi Ryan,
Unfortunately the check for understanding bubbles do not currently have that feedback feature (it is only available on the coding levels). I totally see the value in it, and suggest submitting a support ticket for a feature to

In the mean time, I use my school learning management system (in my case Canvas) to send quick messages to the students. I’m already recording the levels in there anyway in order to track their progress, so its not too much extra work for me to write my comment there. I could also see going in to the teacher panel and exporting all student responses in to a csv and responding there. (I’m imagining long slips of paper that I would cut up and return to students with comments hand written on them.)

Neither is a perfect solution, but maybe one could be useful for you!

@ryan.garbe I am so happy to asked this question. I was also looking to do the same thing.

@madeline_r_burton that is a great idea, I will email support now. Perhaps if a few of us email they will also agree there is value in that new feature.