Unit 3 Lesson 7 bubble 15


This check for understanding says you can only answer once and then the teacher will release your score. How do I release their score?


Something appears to be broken with that level and it’s not working as expected. Code.org is working on fixing the issue.


Hello @schafferl

I want to check to see if you are still experiencing the problem. We poked around on the back end, and all appears to be working now.

Do you see the “Unsubmit” option on the Teacher Panel where you can reset student answers?

Hopefully we can solve this quickly!

~ Hannah
CSP Team


Maybe I am just misunderstanding. The students receive a prompt to think carefully because they only get one chance to lock in answers and then the teacher can release it back to them afterwords. I assumed this meant I would click a button and it would show whether they chose the correct answer or not. If I click “unsubmit” and it resets their answers, how will they ever know if their original answer was correct or not? Not sure of the point of this.



As it is set up right now, you the teacher are able to see if your students have selected the correct answers. This could be useful as a quick check-in and fodder for a class discussion. The unsubmit is used if students accidentally submitted the wrong answer, or wanted to update their answer.

The typical Choose Your Understanding multiple choice bubbles are designed for students to try to answer as many times as they need. This particular bubble is designed to scaffold a locked assessment where they don’t get immediate feedback, but it’s still low stakes. Does that make sense?

I appreciate your feedback and am noting it down!


That makes sense but the wording that the “teacher will release it to you” made me think there was additional functionality.
Thanks for your help!