Check your understanding



Is there a better way to check each student’s response for the end of lesson Check Your Understanding? It’s extremely difficult to use the teacher view with the list of students on the right and have to click on each one, the scroll bar jumps around each time you click on a new student, and it’s tedious to go through 24 students for each of the responses. Am I missing an easier way to view?


+1, don’t think there is but I’d like to be wrong.

Feature request?


If what you want is to look at the text responses all at once, then yes you can.

Click on image at the top

Click on the section you want to grade: image

Click on image

Chose the Unit if it’s not the current Unit. You can filter by stage or download everything as a CSV. I hope that helps. If that’s not what you need, let me know!


HI George. Thank you for the instructions, I was hoping to see all the check your understanding for each student. The lesson I’m looking at has 3, 4, 5 as multiple choice, then 6 & 7 as response questions. It would be great to see all their responses at one time. It is helpful to see the text response. If there’s an easier way let me know. Thanks!