View Check for Understanding

How do I view student responses for the Check for Understanding?

Hi @harperal,

Here is a support document with a video and a walkthrough of how to see different forms of student work from the teacher dashboard. For a text-based student response, you may want to use the ‘text responses’ tab (there’s a visual of where to find it on this support page). I like to go to this page, and then export the responses to a .csv file that I put in a google sheet, but that is definitely not a necessary step.

Additionally, for any level that students have completed, you can go to that level and open your teacher panel on the right side of your window by clicking the blue arrow. From there choose the appropriate class, and click on a student name to see their work for that level. This will work for code levels as well as

Where is that video? I did not find it.

So sorry! I forgot to add the link: Viewing student progress –