How do students share Projects in Web Lab

I want students to be able to work on Unit 2 Lesson 20 Website for a Purpose with partners. Is there a way for them to be able to do this?


Hi @ben.wheeler,

Web Lab is not a collaborative tool so students can’t work on projects together in real-time. Here are some suggestions to collaborate on projects together:

Stay in Web Lab:

  • Use a Google Doc or the planning guide to assign pages to members of the team including the CSS file. Team members will also need to record the name of their pages on this shared doc so that navigation bars (hyperlinks to and from all the pages) can be completed accurately for all pages.
  • Students can upload or paste the code to the CSS file so all team members have access. Once everyone has linked to the CSS - the pages will look the same.
  • When each member’s page is complete, have them share the link with each other on the share doc. When you view a Web Lab shared doc, at the very bottom of the browser is view code so that whichever member is going to house all the webpages, they can copy and paste the code into their website.
  • There will also need to be a way to share image files etc. We use a shared Google Drive.

Collaborative Coding Tools
There are a few collaborative coding tools if your school allows students to use these:

  • CodeHS Sandbox allows sharing and live real-time collaborative editing.
  • JuiceMind teams. is the same.
  • Replit dropped their teams tool - not sure if you can still collaborate using the free tool. CodingRooms is now only supporting college level accounts.

Hope these ideas help!