How do you continue CSF with testing right around the corner?


As a blended learning specialist, I see where teachers think they to stop to begin preparation for the end of year assessments. CSF courses (especially the unplugged lessons) can still be implemented because it helps students improve their logical thinking skills and crictical thinking skills. These skills are a necessity when students take state assessments.


Great question! I’d love to hear what the rest of the forum thinks.

Does anyone have any rules they like to follow when it comes to balancing test prep with learning new things in a new way?


I think that focusing more on the unplugged lessons during this time would be a great idea. Maybe go back and re-visit unplugged lessons that you didn’t get all the way through or use the assessment worksheets that you may not have already used. Another idea would be to demo the puzzle on the projector and have student’s pair-share the algorithm and let kids take turns choosing the next move to solve the puzzle as a whole class. I’ll bet a creative teacher could make a game out of Class Programming.


This is an awesome idea!! Whole group instruction is a great way to demonstrate.