How to implement curriculum into an Enrichment/Intervention elementary classroom



I am teaching 4th grade this coming year as an Intervention Teacher where I will see the entire grade level (split among 5 classes) each day for about an hour. I will be pulling small groups for intervention time but want to begin coding with my kids. Any thoughts on how to take the curriculum and make it easy to implement in my type of classroom?

It will be 1:1 on Chromebooks.

Thanks in advance everyone!

North Texas, USA


Hello Josh
I think the unplugged activities will work wonderfully with your type of classroom instruction. I would spilt my time with students possibly twice a week(if enough time). Teach an unplugged lesson then possibly on Fridays allow students to do puzzles that were aligned with the unplugged lessons. Many of the unplugged lessons teach other skills (sequencing, patterns, skip counting) which would be extremely beneficial to the intervention students.


Feel free to give our new “Course D” a shot! Before you do, you might want to dive into a few of these activities. I highly recommend “Getting Loopy” and “Building a Foundation!”