Introducing Code to Preschoolers


I am thinking of giving some sessions of computer science to the preschool students. But on code we have course 1 which is for 4-6 years old. But not sure if the students will understand the concepts that quickly? Also how to design the curriculum if I have to take only 4 sessions of introduction to CS.
Please let me know if anyone has different ideas.



At my school we have allready started 4 groups with 7 children. So far they are enjoying it, although a lot of effort is required from the teacher.



Best thing for pre-K is play time and learning to build mindset for solving problems through play with others. The unplugged lessons in course one can give ideas on active games. Doing online puzzles as this age I don’t think is really important. What is your goal in designing curriculum for your students?


The goal of these 4 sessions is to just give introduction to the concept of computer programming and its terminology in basic. I had a good experience of 1st graders for my last workshops. So just want to try to approach preschools for the same.
I liked the idea of unplugged lessons and activities but still I feel that if there is anything to be get done on the computer that will add up to the computer workshop.


Hi Darsej, can you share us, with which programs you start with your groups?


We are using age4~6 coding. Kids started beginning how to drag first and now they can do bee (stage 6). They love to do it, Please try it. They were born in that.