How do you describe a clock partner?


How do you describe a clock partner?


In our class we have our students pick 12 unique partners for the year and put their clock partners name on the hours of a printed clock. Then for each assignment we will say something like: today we are working with our 4oclock partner, quickly transition with them!

Kids can get with their partners with little prep and it rotates with new partners.


Pardon me for jumping in. Although I live in the CSP realm, I’d like to contribute, if I may. This is a good description of clock partners.“Appointment clocks are used to put students in pairs or small groups quickly. Teachers create a copy of a clock for each student. The names of other students go at each hour mark around the clock so that asking students to find their “10 o’clock” partner puts the students in pairs.” Source:

The suggestion to give each student a copy of the clock can’t be emphasized enough. Your middle school students may be familiar with an analog clock face, but many of my high school students can only read digital time on their phones.