How many days do you recommend for U3 L21?


Due to snow days and delays, we are behind. Anyone have suggestions on how many days we will need for Lesson 21 and then for 22? Trying to complete before our trimester exams. Thanks!



This is a tough one. I gave my high school students Level 21 as homework, because it is very guided in walking through the Game Design process - then Lesson 22 says 80-200 minutes… this is challenging because the more time you give and equally push and have constant check-ins, the better the final product. I used the final game as the semester project so they had to be completed by the end of the semester, and ended giving about 2 80 min blocks - which some students came up with great stuff.

The less time you have, the more focused you can push them to complete, but with an understanding that they can come back to the project if they’d like to.

Overall my time was too much, I had some high school students that didn’t have a lot of drive (they had already gotten into college) so I had to keep on them for a good product, but my “rock star” students make some really impressive games.

Looking forward to hearing from other people,


I gave the students a little more than a week to finish their games. I also had some motivational issues with some students who need a, “this is due in two days…” to really get them to work hard. The range of product that I got was pretty big and I felt that some students did not use the time wisely while others really spent the time creating artwork and sounds. I think that students will make a finished product given that they know the amount of time they have to work before they start. I mean, if you are really proficient, you can make a game in an hour or less.