How to address students who struggle independently


Pairing students who struggle with other students who are a little further along in an assignment will asssit the student in getting the required skills and information necessary to work. Sometimes, pairings can help both students come along through an activity, while also increasing the understanding of both students. Building their confidence through class discussions and complimenting their work will also encourage struggling students to persevere through activities and they will eventually work individually.


Its nice to see this, I think this is one of the reasons that pair programming is featured so heavily in the CSD curriculum.


Loving our weekend with CSD teachers in Missoula, MT. Ideas to help struggling students.

  • During paired programing have navigator’s computer displaying a recent Map level.

  • Preloading struggling students with answers to build confidence during discussions.

  • Celebrate their AHA moments

Please share more strategies with us.


The think, pair share with driver & navigator has really helped those who are less secure about their skills.