How to arcs in game lab

Anyone have a VIDEO tutorial about how to use the arc tool in game lab? Been reading the documentation and playing with it but just cannot wrap my head around how it works! Searched the internet and youtube with no luck (“how to arcs game lab”).

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Here is how I think about arcs. I’ll attach a project illustrating it as well.

Drawing an arc is the same as drawing an ellipse, but with two added parameters, the starting degree and finishing degree (between 0 and 360).

0 degrees starts on the left edge of the circle.

In the attached project, I am showing three simple arcs. The first has a center of 100, 100. The 2nd has a center of 200, 200.

Both have a size of 100 and are perfect circles.

The blue one goes from 0 to 180 degrees and the 2nd one from 180 to 360 degrees. I think that conceptually, if you think of it as a circle first with only part of the circumference “turned on” it helps.

It can get more complicated when your ellipse isn’t perfectly circular such as in the 3rd one. The width and height aren’t the same, but you can see that the concept still applies.

Does this help a little? I’m not sure what more I would put in a video to better illustrate it, but hope this helps.


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YES! This is very helpful. Thanks as always, Mike!