Unit 3 Lesson 4 Challenges

I am having difficulty replicating the whiskers in unit 3 lesson 4 8E Make a Shape Scene. I’ve read all the extra tips and tried multiple times without success. Is there an exemplar for this one?


Welcome to the forum!

The arc is basically part of a circle (with no fill). You set it up by designating the x & y position of the center of the circle, followed by the width and height of the circle and then you indicate the segment of the circle you want to show with a start and end point (in degrees).

The first time I did it, I treated it like an ellipse and set the start and end points to 0 and 360 and then gradually moved them until I got the segment I was after.

I don’t want to share a completed exemplar here in the open forum as some teachers use this as an assignment or assessment and students may be able to access this part of the forum. I will share an incomplete version with half of the whiskers so you can see how they work. If you still need more assistance, please share your attempt with us and we can help you debug it.

Let us know if you still have questions.