Unit 2 Days 7-9 Cornrow Curves


I taught this lesson with my CIS class. It went well, although some of the content was a little uneasy for some, but it went over well. The conversation from the group discussing the different four parts got very in depth. It brought up a lot of conversations about slavery. The math software was a little difficult for some to grasp, but I let them play on it to find out how to design their own braids. I thought about bringing in rope and having them plait the rope and discuss the steps of plaiting. I need another activity to add to this lesson that will help put more of the problem solving aspect into the lesson.



I like the idea of bringing in some rope or something additional to put the problem solving process into action. Have you had your students try out predicting the outcome of changes in the code and then trying it out to reflect on their prediction to see if it was what happened or how they might get the results they wanted?


I also thought this lesson was a little complex. I thought about asking some of the girls in the class to teach us how to make those bracelets because it displays the same concept and it’s also cool.