How to bundle multiple Hour of Code "courses" into a Section

We have an hour to work with some inner city rising 5th and 6th graders for three weeks (so we have them for 3 hours total over a span of 3 weeks). We thought we would have them work through a different Hour of Code course each time we meet with them. I thought I could just add the 3 Hour of Code courses to the section I created for the class. But I haven’t found a way to add a course. After adding one course, if I add another, the first course gets replaced with the second one.

Is what I’m trying to do possible on the studio platform? I realize I could create 3 sections and assign the 3 courses to different sections. But that then requires the students to add three sections to their account, which will take valuable time away at the start of each class.

Any suggestions for the best way to accomplish what we are trying to do will be appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!