How to reassign students to units they may have done at another time and clear old data?

I have a few students who will be in my new AP CSP course who have experienced some of the CSP units previously. How can I remove all entries these students have added so they can start fresh for the AP course?

From what I’ve researched, you can not remove activities the students have already done. Code.Org has no way to do this. We wanted to reset an entire course for those who failed and are trying again. They have to use a different email to start over…Yes they can go back and look…

Hi, @marciatorgrude!

While it is currently not possible to remove or delete student progress in a course, their progress persists only within a version. Therefore, assigning your students to the most recent version of the course should start them with fresh levels.

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Excellent! We will be moving to 21-22 this year! Thanks