How to share classroom between two teachers?


Hi there,
I’m in France and i’ not a native english speaker so…:slight_smile:
i just want to know how i can share my classroom with my collegues ?
i have created my account and want to share progrmming courses with another teacher…
How to do this ?



We’re working on updates to allow for more than one teacher to co-manage and oversee one section, but don’t have such a feature available yet. We’d recommend just changing the credentials of the one teacher account to something that is easily shared among a few parties. Hope this helps!


You may now share the students with another teacher, yay!!

From your teacher dashboard select the Move Students button.

From the dropdown menu select Other Teacher.

Select the students you would like to share and select the option to copy student(s) to be in this current section and the new section. For me this is the default selection.

I hope this helps!