I am trying to develop a game- getting stuck in rolling the dice

Need your help and permission: Hi,
I have developed this game Roll a robot.

i need one help…how do i do …if i click on dice then a number should be shown, then again if i click on dice another number shows and again when i click another number shows…how do i do this…pls pls help me.

Also this game idea i have taken from internet but game i have developed on my own …Can i put it on my youtube channel?

Rules of the game:
if 1 comes you put antenna
if 2 comes you put head
if 3 comes you put body
if 4 comes you put legs
if 5 comes you put right arm
if 6 comes you put left arm
if all the body parts are arranged you win.

Lipika Sharma

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I took a quick look at your project. It looks like you’re off to a good start.

It looks like your next step according to your question is to get your dice working. Right now, when I look at your animation tab, I only see one image of a die (with one dot). You will need to get images of all six sides. Then, you will need to use some math commands (randomNumber) to pick the number and then have the correct animation show up.

Here’s a sample project with some functioning dice if you want to look at what someone else has done.

Hope this helps get you started!