I have 8 weeks...what can I skip?


I have 8 weeks left and we just finished unit 3. What lessons can be skipped in Unit 4, 5 and 6? Any suggestions?


Much of Unit 4 can be skipped or combined, but Unit 5 is crucial. I recently went through the practice test from the College Board, and many of the programming questions require skills specifically taught in Unit 5. Don’t skip the last few stages - arrays seemed to pop up a lot in the practice questions. Unit 6 is the Performance Tasks and basically provides instruction for planning, completing, and submitting the tasks. Have you built in time to complete the tasks before the end of April?


I am combining unit 4 and we should be done with that next Friday, March 10. My goal is to have Unit 5 complete by March 31 (this give us 3 weeks to go through unit 5). Then we have Spring Break April 3-7. When we return April 13, that is when I was planning to start Unit 6. Do you think this will allot us the time to complete the tasks?
This is my first time teaching the AP course and I am not sure of the timeline and what needs to be done by what date. So, I am hoping I am on the right track. Please advise if not…


It really depends on how long your classes are. You need to plan 20 hours of class time for the two performance tasks (create - 12 hours, explore - 8 hours). You can use Unit 6 to help students organize this process. Honestly, I think waiting until April 13th is too long to wait. That only gives your students two weeks to complete the tasks, which means you’d be having them in class 2 hours a day. I’m a little confused by your schedule - if April 7th is the last day of break, why aren’t you starting on the 10th? Three weeks would be better, although still cutting it short.

For me, I have 70-80 minute classes every other day and some odd breaks in our schedule, so I had to block out 6 weeks for the two performance tasks. We just started today. I kept a very strict schedule for the year to make sure that we could meet this goal and get through all the content.

I would get into Unit 5 ASAP, as those are skills that they need to have mastered not only for the PT, but also for the exam. Unit 4 is much more skip-able.


Okay thank you for the suggestion! I will get started Monday! I meant April 10 not the 13th. I see them 4 1/2 hours a week so I would need at least 4 weeks. I need to find out when my exam is now. Thank you, again.


The performance tasks are due April 30th, although they suggest having a soft due date of April 15th. The AP Comp Sci Principles exam is on May 5th.


Oh thank you! So those dates apply to all districts?


Yes - they are nationwide.


Thank you for your help and advice! It has helped get me on track!