I have an 11 yr. old exceptional student that has finished CSD 1-3. What next?

I have an 11 yr. old exceptional student that has finished CSD 1-3. I was going to have him start CSD Unit 4 but because he is the only in that class that is that far ahead and now he is learning from home, I’m looking for suggestions. It seems that there is a lot of team working in Unit 4 so I don’t think that will be doable.


So, there are a number of things he could do… If you are just looking for “hour of code” kinds of activities that are more geared to younger students, I like http://code.org/learn You could have him pick his own activities and report back, or you could find some you like and suggest some for him to learn.

If you want more of a course structure, a few things come to mind. Code Academy has some free courses and https://codecombat.com/ is one he could start at a beginning level and work his way up (most likely using javascript as the langage).

I would love to hear from other teachers if they have suggestions. I would definitely want to find something he’s engaged with so he keeps the enthusiasm!


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I totally agree with @mwood! I might also add having the student complete the Hour of Code for App Lab then use the App Lab tool to create an app that meets some sort of need. That gets at the ideas in Unit 4, but he could still complete Unit 4 with a class no problem in the future. App Lab has so much possibility to it that this student could stretch it as far as he/she needs.