*I think* I'm lacking transparency in putImageData



I have a source image that has a series of tiles. The source image is a png and has transparency in it.
I create an array of image data for each tile using getImageData
I place two tiles down overlapping each other slightly to test the transparency and they are not transparent.
I JSON.stringify the imageData and its pixels show an alpha value of 0, but the result on the screen is not transparent.

Is there something I am missing using canvas or the canvas tools to display imgData with transparency?


First truth first – you’re getting into some stuff here that we started to build and support a while ago and then snoozed. So it’s been a while. Without getting into your code too much perhaps you could look at this experiment I made a long time ago: https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/3C_U0ChtSQ3AHrV8ddpybg

I made this before Design Mode existed which is why I’m creating all the UI elements through code.
You’re deeper into it than I am. Perhaps looking at that code will give you some insight?

CSP Team