Ideas for a few days between Units 2 and 3?

Hello all! I am finishing Unit 2’s Personal Website Project with my students next week. We only have one week after that before spring break, and it’s an unusual schedule because of conferences. I have somewhere between 170-230 minutes (depending on whether we need the first day for the project or not), in periods of 62, 80, 40, and 53 minutes. I am trying to decide whether jump right into Unit 3, knowing we would only do a few lessons before a week-long break, or do some kind of extension or side trip for those periods. Any ideas? Are there any website-related mini-projects that might work? Interesting ways for them to learn more HTML/CSS? Resources on how the Internet works? Lesson sequences about coding-related careers? In short, what would you do with a few extra days between Units 2 and 3? Thank you in advance for your help!

Ms. Gallaher,

I believe you could jump right into Unit 3, it’s very engaging and you could get a few lessons in which means the students are creating little projects and they could be engaged enough to continue over the break.

If not, check out the additional levels on W3Schools or General Assembly Dash.

Hope those help!


I found a video that talks about what goes on in an animation studio - good intro to the animation unitCCGI Dreamworks Animation Studio Pipeline | CGMeetup

and intro to Pixar in a Box