Identifying Parts of the Create PT

I was looking through the various documents provided by but could not find information regarding using square, circles, and ovals to distinguish certain requirements of the project as done in the past. Is this still a current requirement and if so can someone point me in the right direction so I can pass that information along to my students? Thank!

@gwright Students are no longer required to use shapes to identify sections of code for the Create Project. For the Personalized Project Reference, students need to submit the following:
1: a code segment of a student-developed procedure,
2: a code segment where the procedure is called in the program
3: a code segment showing how data have been stored in a list
4: a code segment showing how the data from the list is being used to fulfill the programs purpose.
Please see page 196 -197 in the AP CSP Course and Exam Description for more details.

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