Im new to Discoveries and only teaching unit 3. How have people remotely done the lesson that is like playing battleship? Is there something I can substitute that will allow for remote learning? all help greatly appreciated

All help is greatly appreciated for unit 3 remote learning.

Hello @maryann.sowers,
I just saw this on the forum today. It may not answer this specific question, but could be helpful for teaching unit 3 remotely.

You might also look through this document to see if there is anything that might help. I have found this document for the units I’m working on really helpful.

I am also using this…we start 3.2 by trying to draw rectangles on a sheet of paper. All students draw and then try to tell me how the shape should look. Of course I connect it wrong. But I display all shapes and question did I get that right. Then when we get to battleship, we do kind of the same thing. But the students quickly realize the importance of location. So it leads right into that lesson.

Where is the battleship game you mention?

Is this what you were looking for? It appears to be a resource contributed by another teacher.

Unit 3 Battleship (Lesson 2 add-on)


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Thank you! I appreciate you helping a gal out.

You are most welcome. I go thru lesson 8 in the 9 week elective. If you have other questions, just let me know.