Image doesn't rotate

Hi there!
One of my students i having this issue with an image( see image attached), we can’t rotate it, even though we enter a few lines on the html and then at the css we are not finding the way to fix this issue.
Does anyone know how can we solve this?
Thank you so much!.


The easiest way to rotate the image is to rotate the image before adding the image to WebLab. By clicking on the image on computer, the student should be able to rotate the image, save to computer and upload the rotated image to WebLab.

Let me know if this doesn’t work,

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My students are having the same issue. We have downloaded the photo, and it is correct in the computer files, but when we upload the images to the Web Lab they are rotated. I don’t know how to fix this issue.

We would greatly appreciate the help!


Hi Amber,

As @karenma stated above, the easiest way to rotate an image is in an image editing tool. You can even do this in Google Draw. Just import the image, click on the image, there is usually a rotate circle between the corner handles, and drag to desired rotation, then export.

You can also add a style. I did the following as an example.
img src=“OULogo.png” width=“150” style="transform: rotate(90deg);" alt=“University of Oklahoma”

I found the above on W3schools.

Good luck,

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Thank you! The transform: rotate worked perfectly!

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