Images uploading incorrectly in IMAC

I have been uploading images to show a new class how to insert images to their web pages and everytime I upload an image using an IMAC the image shows up in the web page horizontal instead of vertical. Does anyone know how to fix this or is there a certain tag or property to add into the tag to fix this??

I am not an IMAC person. My suggestion is to report it as a bug and see what the tech people say. Sorry I can’t help more.

Thanks but I am not using a Mac.

Usually this happens because the image is actually sideways. For some image programs on the computer, you can rotate the image, but instead of changing the image file itself, it just changes how it displays the image. That means that the image is still actually sideways. You’ll need to use an actual image editor to rotate the image the right way. You can try this one if you want.


Thank you so much for helping out with this challenge.