Lesson 12 Activity 9


I am having difficulty resizing the image when I rotate it 90 degrees. I have tried changing the size of the canvas, but part of the image is getting cut off when I try and make the Up and Down directions.


I hadn’t noticed that, but when I looked at mine, I noticed it was cut off as well. I was able to fix it though … I did as you suggested and resized the canvas. Here’s what I did.

  1. Clicked on Resize button.
  2. Changed height to 102 pixels (with “Maintain Aspect Ratio” box checked).
  3. Made sure that the anchor was the center box (not the default).
  4. Then, clicked on Resize.

After that, I was able to duplicate that sprite and rotate the duplicate one up to create “bee-up” and down to create “bee-down”. This still may be a good “bug” to report even though it is correctable.


Thank you so much. I think the real issue is Resizing BEFORE rotating. That seems to be the big difference. I had rotated it first and then tried to edit the size after I noticed the problem. Would not see a reason to Resize at the beginning of the process until the image gets cut off.


@bpenney @mwood

Hi Beth and Michael,

Your steps for dealing with this are great. Fixing the resize/cropping problem with rotation is on the list of improvements that we plan to make to the tool.