Rotate & resize sprite in game lab

Is there a way to rotate in less degrees than the 90 degree rotations and resize the sprites a bit in the sprite editor tab??


There is a rotation tool on the right side of the screen that will let you rotate the entire sprite by 90 degrees at a time, but I don’t believe there is any more granular control than that.

Likewise, if you want to resize the entire canvas (and the sprite inside), you can click on the resize button on the right side (arrow coming out of a box) and resize the canvas and also check the box to resize the sprite. But again, there isn’t a way that I am aware of to resize part of a sprite. If you don’t want a larger canvas, you could resize the canvas and sprite larger and then use the crop sprite button to resize the canvas smaller again.

Hopefully this makes sense…


Pretty sure you can’t do that in the sprite editor on, but you can do it in another way using this website: Rotate a GIF Animation - Online GIF Tools
This tutorial only works if your sprite has one frame only.

First of all, in the sprite editor, press on the export button.

then, press on the gif button

then, press on the download button and save the gif somewhere on your computer.
After that, go on this link: Rotate a GIF Animation - Online GIF Tools
It’s a tool that allows you to rotate gifs.
Press the import from file button and then choose the file you have saved

Then, rotate your image the way you want. You can change the rotation using your cursor or by changing the number near Set Angle In Degrees (both ways are shown using the arrows on the screenshots)
Note: I used an image that has 120 frames, but yours may have less so just ignore that on my screenshot it shows 54/129 and on your screen it doesn’t.

When you’re done rotating your image press the save as… button.
It may take some time before the website can render your sprite so stay patient.
It should show you a download menu on your screen:

First of all, change the File Name of the file you’re downloading to something.png (instead of output-onlinegiftools.gif)
Then, press on the Save button to save that image.
After that in the sprite editor:

Press on add new frame and in the file explorer choose the image you downloaded (its extension should be .png)
After that, delete the picture that wasn’t rotated.
There you go, your picture should be rotated now!
Also, rotating a sprite with multiple frames should be harder but let me know if you want to do that, I know how to do it.

Right, we were playing around with those. Good to know we were in the right place.Thanks!

Thanks so much for taking the time for the detailed directions!