Implementing App Lab in Geometry - Looking for a Consultant to help us transition

We have been using True BASIC in our high school math courses to give students a way to practice procedural skill without mindless routine problems. We believe that if a student can program a computer to do a process, they understand it well.

We no longer can use True BASIC because of it’s lagging customer and platform support. We are transitioning to using App Lab. I am looking for someone who could help us in the form of consulting hours to transition our documents. I have a team of teachers working on Geometry right now and they are running into issues that they are struggling to solve. They are math teachers - not programming experts. Is there anyone in the App Lab community who would be willing to help us? We would be willing to pay you hourly to help answer our questions over the phone. Please let me know if you are knowledgeable in the App Lab environment and could help us. I have linked one of the projects we are currently working on so you get an idea of what we might be asking for.

Complement and Supplement

Dave Beedy
(630) 782-6497