Open message to the Curriculum and App Lab development teams

I like what you have done.

There are many simple changes that most will not notice. Like the use of the function updateScreen(). That is a fantastic example that pushes creation of functions and abstraction in a way that has immediate application for our students. And that is not the only change I have noticed.

The App Lab team rolled out support for the new curriculum at the end of the school year. Not at the beginning after the curriculum was settled leading to bug clean up during the school year. Most people may not have noticed, I did. Great coordination between teams.

The new pedagogy is going to be great. No more spoon feeding of the programming sections. My students didn’t respond well to being spoon fed so this change is going to affect my students this year and years to come. Learning how to learn is important.

The new getColumn and importing curated databases will help get the kids working with databases.

Using implementation patterns is brilliant.

Giving teachers a standardized slide show!!!

Thank you for all the work that went into this achievement.