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I am speaking as both a coordinator and a teacher as I bring up this question/concern.

I am working at an International School in South Korea, and we are brining AP CSP to our curriculum options for the 2018/19 academic year. We are piloting one section (class) to both test the waters, and to make sure we work out any kinks within the curriculum/from a scheduling standpoint.

I will be teaching this course to get a feel and to see the demand on both our students and potential teachers (if we do decide to move forward). However I was surprised to note that the CSP training that is offered across the US is not open to International Teachers. The current plan was for me personally, and then in the 19/20 academic year, other teachers, to travel to the US for training to ensure everyone is fully prepared for the course.

Is there any reasoning behind why these trainings are only for US based schools?
Is there any plans for supporting International schools?

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your question! Teachers who are trained during our summer 5-day workshop also attend one-day workshops during the school year and work with Regional Partners and Facilitators for continued support. We are currently unable to provide this level of support to international teachers.

However, please know that we are actively thinking about best ways to provide resources for non-U.S. teachers in 2018 and beyond.

Thank you,

Is this the same for CS Discoveries?

Yes, that is correct. Thank you for your patience as we work on plans for teachers abroad!

Hi Suky,

May I suggest that you poll the current CSP and CSD trained facilitators if they would be willing and able to provide workshops abroad, whether TrainTheTrainer or strictly teacher facing? I know that there are a few of us who are retired from the classroom and would be able to do this kind of gig. How the logistics would be worked out would still be in question but I don’t think there would be a shortage of willing facilitators.

Happy holidays!
Evelyn Zayas

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Hi Evelyn,

Thank you so much for your suggestion! I agree that our current CSD/CSP facilitators likely have a wealth of talent that could benefit’s work abroad. As we continue to think about best ways for teachers abroad to receive the necessary levels of support to teach CSD and CSP abroad, we will certainly keep our current facilitators in mind. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions.

All best,

I know that schools in Europe would also welcome that kind of support.

In Nevada we are actively working on supporting remote teachers with a blend of face-to-face workshops and customized online support when they cannot make it to the onsite workshops. Our lessons learned would be helpful in creating productive learning experiences for international teachers.

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to bringing CS to more students globally with this coming year.

My best, Yvonne

Thanks for your input, Yvonne! I’m looking forward to learning more about your thoughts on working with international teachers in the future.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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