Introduction of data types

So, at no point have we introduced the data types or that the parameter declaration has to have the data type there but in later lessons in unit 1 they are required to write methods with data types. It just seems backwards to make students write a method with a parameter that uses a data type and never introduce it, and it would be helpful just for the beginning lessons as well, understanding the method header/signatures

Yanet, thank you for your inquiry. Unit 1 is meant to be a gentle introduction to objects. The focus is on how objects are constructed including attributes and behaviors. Could you please tell me in which lesson in Unit 1 you are referring to?
Variables and datatypes will be addressed in Unit 2 Lesson 1.
This curriculum is written to fit a wide variety of experience levels. My students have all taken CSP, so variables are not new (datatypes are). You are the best person to determine what your students need and should support their learning the best way you can. Please let us know how we can continue to support you.