Pacing Question: Unit 1: Lesson 12 (Debugging)

Data types are thrown in at the end of the slides. I don’t see this material used for the rest of Unit 1. First time I see it come back up is Unit 2: Lesson 6. Just want to make sure I am not missing something with the new lesson design. I omitted it when I taught it thinking it would confuse the students at this point. Thoughts?

Future here: This lesson is what ties into the new background painter. Not sure if I like he flow, but why it was introduced here.

since your talking about data types I’m assuming your talking about the Java course? if that’s the case I’d totally agree with you since it’s not a loosely typed language enforcing type understanding is very very necessary perhaps they just assumed the teacher would do additional practice on it assuming of how much it is a core concept to lower level languages. though if newbie teachers just are following the lesson plans then I’d totally agree with @Mr.Rhodes that there should at least be some refreshers in between before the next appearance

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