CSP-Unit-9 how do I do the activity with the cats data table?


I’m doing the data unit now, and I can’t figure out how to answer the questions in the activity guide for sorting out the cats based on intelligence.

Do students have to export data and separate the temperament list by commas?

Hi @styrrell,

Admittedly, I have not done this lesson. I’m looking around just now and the question seems to ask not just about whether the cats are intelligent or not - but somehow asks us to distinguish between levels of intelligence, which I see no info in the database.

I wonder if this is a mistake? This is a unit rather late in the curriculum, so maybe it’s still a bit raw.

I’ll ask around and update when I find out.


Hello! This example is on our backlog to be updated. The table we originally used for this lesson has changed. We are hoping to have it done within the next month. Thanks for your patience!

Hi there, Is there any chance you can share with us what other information might be missing / changing for upcoming lessons so that I can address this with my students before each lesson?

We are updating the broken exemplars, and replacing a few of the example datasets in units 7&9 with social-justice themed datasets. We are also updating Unit 8 (particularly Lesson 3) to be in alignment with information from the College Board on the Create Task submission process.

Other than that, it’s just typos and small bug fixes!

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HI Hannah:

Thank you. I also created a lesson plan based on your Unit 10. It is a different lesson, but I wanted to drive home the issues of unintended consequences and data storage and privacy, and the movie the Social Dilemma just came out, so I used this as a springboard.

I started with this before Unit 1 because I wanted to connect CSP to the social media my kids are glued to. It worked well, and the students came up with amazing ideas for improving social media. That’s also why I started using Unit 9 now - it seemed to naturally follow from looking at the big picture of data in computing innovations. I know it’s not your recommended order, but it’s nice to have the flexibility in the curriculum, so thank you!

Project Guide for the Social Dilemma

One other curriculum question - how do I explain what the callback parameter is in the OnEvent function? Especially when they don’t know what functions are yet. I didn’t see any suggestions in the forum.

Much thanks,