What is going on in Unit 9 lesson 3?

There is a big discrepancy between what is on the lesson plan, what is in the video for asynchronous instruction, and what is actually in code.org for this lesson. Cats? Dogs? Female Legislators? I don’t understand the chart that is produced with the percentage of female legislators in my state across the bottom and the number of legislators on the left. Since the video that is supposed to demonstrate this lesson is about cats and dogs, I can’t refer to that for help. Can anyone give directions on how to filter this dataset to produce what is needed on the activity guide?

So what are you trying to get here?

My request is at the bottom of the post. I need an explanation of how to complete the activity guide using the female legislators by state. An answer key for the activity guide would be very helpful.

I personal messaged you a copy of my key.

Could you possibly provide me with a copy of your Key, too? I have the same questions as @erogers. tia.