Is anyone considering using close reading strategies with text annotation?

I have started students reading blown to bits using these methods. However, I am developing format and prompts to assess comprehension–any ideas?

This is something that I’m doing this year and new to doing. I am developing resources as I go if anyone would like to share. Last year was my first year with CSP and we did not read Blown 2 Bits. This year we are reading it. The first chapter was read in very small snippets during the week. I am in a computer lab and introduced students to the annotation tool in Adobe Reader. They highlighted text and learned to write comments. I have a Silent 15 at the start of the period so students can review the reading. There is a fishbowl and the first person finished with reading fishes out a topic that is presented to the class. The topics might be obscure - bits are to blank
as blank is to blank OR What is a koan? Something relatively simple. Blown 2 Bits reading also can be done toward the end of the period when we finish lessons a bit earlier than anticipated…Students came up with skits for each of the koans and it really helped our learning when they presented them.Someone built a doubling lego structure to illustrate processing power. We are onto Chapter 2 now and will be doing a pen pals activity. We will annotate text and trade our annotation with another class to comment back to us. Ultimately I will have college interns look over their discussions and comment back to them. This is something the kids are really looking forward to this week.


Any chance you care to share your prompts? Thank you!