Is there a way to create a Start Button?


So how do you make a start button on both the duck and weeding games there’s an actual start button that you click on to start the game. A student was asking and we looked through the code, but there is literally no code that we can see for the start button?

I thought it would be a sprite to click on, but it is not. I am wondering if these games were made in app lab instead then? One thing I think creators should seriously consider is merging app/game lab features. Would be nice as it is very hard and not convenient I find to create a game with levels.



Good suggestion and it’s come from a couple other people so we’ll see. In the meantime you can make a sprite that is the last thing drawn (bottom of code) and then has an if that if clicked on isVisible = false. Not the best solution but could work.



Hi Ben,

As part of a proof-of-concept, I made a short tutorial on how to make start and end screens in Game Lab. It’s not polished, but if you want to take a look, then please message me and I’ll send it to you.