Is there a way you can bold the borders on the docmentation?

Its a little confusing to tell one method from the next in the documentation, especially on small chromebook screens, making the borders more bold would help but adding tabs like there is for applab would be even better




I want to thank you for providing this suggestion. Having our CSA instructors reach out to us to let us know what is working for them and what could work better is an important component of making this brand-new course the best that it can be. I have taken your feedback and passed it along to the staff members who might be able to evaluate and affect this change.

Creating a tab structure does sound like a great way of providing documentation for the multitudes of methods that are available while respecting the reality of limited Chromebook screen real estate.

I hope that this is something that the team is able to iterate upon and push out so that your experience with Java Lab is as comfortable and seamless as possible.

Have a great Friday,