Java CSA AP Classroom

I homeschool. I and my husband have taught all the lessons. Now, we are on Unit 9 of CSA to practice and prepare for the test. My daughter has logged into AP classroom and sees all the review videos. But, it says that I am to make the quizzes and tests from the questions banks in AP classroom. I made an account, but it won’t give me access without an access code. I homeschool, so I don’t have an organization. What do we do to prepare for the test? Does have an access code that teachers use?

Thanks for the help! Her AP test is scheduled for May 8th.

Shannon Hurst

Hi @shhome4love! That is wonderful that your daughter has progressed all the way through the curriculum! does not have an access code that teachers use. I would reach out to college board to see how to go about getting an access code. My experience is just with a public high school.

However, one resource I like to use outside the college board is csawesome that has some good options for multiple choice questions here and free response questions here.

Also, you can access historical free response questions for the CSA exam without an access code here.

Thank you for your question because I know many teachers are in the same postion you are as far as getting students prepared for the AP exam. I hope others in the community share their favorite resources for exam prep.


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@shhome4love - you might also try this site for previous free response questions. There is also access to the College Board You Tube Channel.

Hi Shannon,
The resources that Sam and Sylvia shared here are good to help prepare. I like the 5 steps to a 5 book, if you are considering purchasing a review book.

The college board is very strict about access to their secure resources being kept secure, and teachers with access cannot post links to the secure test resources online.

One more option to consider, is if your daughter is taking the AP exam at a local school then that school probably offers the class, and has a teacher who uses the college board’s secure resources in their review. You might contact the school and see about connecting with their CS teacher. I have a few students who are taking one of the AP CS courses as independent studies, and they are coming to my class during exam review to help them prepare.