Java version in Theater

Hi! We had a participant ask what version of Java we are using in the Theater. He thought it was JavaFX but not sure. He also mentioned that there are some features/elements of JavaFX that are not on the test if the Theater is using JavaFX.

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The Theater within Java Lab is actually a tool that was developed in-house for the CSA course. I can see why the participant might have believed that we had incorporated JavaFX, as both offer programmers the ability to incorporate visual elements as a key part of the user experience.

The documentation page for the Theater is a great place to start in order to dive into some of the methods that were created for students to use within the platform. Students will not be asked about these methods on the AP exam; rather, they are a creative springboard for students to explore concepts that may appear, such as advanced conditional logic, static methods, casting, and compound boolean expressions, to name a few. You can find a more thorough list of the objectives and concepts introduced using the Theater in the CSA Curriculum Guide.

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Thanks Jackie for posting the inquiry. Erik this is great information to point out for all CSA teachers.

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Thank you Erik! I was not sure where to find the information. The documentation page is extremely helpful, especially for a novice like me.

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