Javalab theater - drawImage from web address

We are about to start the Unit 4 project for CSA. In trying to build my own version with the birds database, I am having trouble using the drawImage command with the web addresses of the images. Does the Theater not allow usage of the drawImage command with web addresses? I tested it in another lesson and I got the following error again:

[EXCEPTION] Your code threw a FileNotFoundException while running for file name:

So do we have to download each file and upload it as an asset and then make a new txt file with the file names? Seems like a lot of work.

Hi Timothy,
Good question, since many of the data sets have image urls included, I can see why you would want to access those in the Theater. I was interested to see if this is possible, and looked into it–

I looked back at the documentation for the drawImage method under the documentation tab, and it takes parameters that are String objects, or an Image object. I checked how to create an Image object in the Image class documentation, and it does not allow an option to create an image directly from a website. So, unfortunately, I believe that there is not the functionality to draw an image directly from a website at this time. I will pass this question on to the team at Code, in case there is something you and I are missing & will let you know if there is a way.

I know this isn’t what you are hoping to hear, and this could be a cool added functionality for the Theater. You can make requests for features like this to be added by emailing

In the mean time, I’m wondering if there might be a way to rethink your project to save you from having to download and upload every bird image in the data set. If you were to use the File Reader to analyze the data, and filter the birds list down to a smaller number based on some trait-- say all of the birds of a certain color. You then could upload just those images from the smaller filtered list that your project creates and use them in your Scene.


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