Journal/Notes Question

Does anyone have something they have created to use for the students to record vocab and/or journal? I know I could have students just use a notebook, but I thought I saw someone share something on here, however now I can’t seem to find it.


I tried to search the forum but could not find anything.
A quick google and I found a quizlet.

Maybe someone else will chime in with a good resource.

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Hi Sarah,

I do CSP but I do have students do an interactive notebook for that class.

Here is the link to the resources for CSP:

I am sure some of the key ideas are similar - feel free to borrow/use if it is helpful!


I use a Google Sites blog where students create a vocabulary page where they can include definitions and screenshots of examples where they work.

Can you upload an example? I would love to see how you have the students format this.

I threw together a starter as a sample for my students.