Just wondering - why the change in L7

I like the Lesson 7 “Storage” in the previous version of this curriculum and just wondered why the ‘Smallest Card’ ‘Largest Card’ activities have been moved or removed… I can still do the old one of course, just didn’t see discussion of this change here. Thanks


I’m not in charge of the curriculum decisions, but I know curriculum is constantly updating based on feedback and I’m guessing that wasn’t clear and thats why modified. I believe older version will always be available to use, so people can keep the activities that they really liked to use even if current versions don’t have it.

I was in the pilot and there were a few lessons that I’ve carried over (and modified) because students liked them.



Hi Shawn,

We took out that lesson because it didn’t really align with the learning goals of the unit or with the way that “storage” was being used anywhere else in the curriculum. We are currently looking at major changes in the problem solving unit for 2020-2021, and one of those changes involves including some of these types of lessons as “extension” activities that cover more algorithmic design.